Photographic style

What's a photo Ninja's favourite drink? Wataaaaaaa!

My style is relaxed, fun and mainly candid, however I like to be fully involved in the day and also take great pride in the group shots and couple's portraits.
I guarantee to be the hardest working of all the suppliers; I am absolutely relentless with my work and will only take a very brief break while you sit down to eat your meal.

I'm totally open with my pricing; it seems to be a subject many people hold close to their chest with all sorts of hidden charges laying in wait. I absolutely don't do that. The options are as follows and can be tailored to suit your needs/budget.



Full day coverage (lone shooter)- £950

Normally around 10-12hrs
Times are from either party getting ready right up until the first dance.
Normally I'll stay a little longer to capture some (drunk) dancing, until I feel I can get no more out of the day.
Minimum of 600 fully edited images guaranteed (and not just re edits of the same image!)


Full days coverage (primary and second shooters)- £1250

This package has the same working hours as package one but with a second shooter to go with the other party getting ready and to capture candids as one man can't be everywhere all day!
Minimum of 800 images delivered.


Half day (lone shooter)-£600

5hrs coverage
This package is for those on a budget who need to cut costs where possible and still come away with great images from the day. 5hrs will cover the most important parts of the day.
Minimum of 350 images delivered.